Cycling Routes

As a keen club cyclist, and ride leader, I am always looking for inspiration for nice routes to ride with my beloved club, the Cowley Road Condors!

When I was trying to come up with fun fundraising ideas for the Alzheimer’s Society, I thought it might be nice to bring lots of cycling routes together to inspire others. It goes without saying that all cycling routes on my page are free to use, and I will hopefully long maintain this page beyond the original fundraising aim. If you do want to donate to my fundraising campaign, that would be awesome.

I have tried to create useful tags you can use for different routes, the great thing about this, is I get to make up definitions! For instance, I have marked a route as ‘Hilly’ when on average there are at least 80 altitude meters for every 10km of distance, and ‘Very Hilly’ for 100 meters or more per 10km. Other tags included are based on distance, and hopefully other helpful categories, these are:

You can use the menu on the left to browse through the different tags, or just scroll through all the routes from the home page.

If you follow the link to my ride-with-GPS route pages, you can find information on recommended coffee stops, and the occasional warning for tricky or busy junctions.

Keep The Fun route exploring Up!