Anouk’s Yurt 95

Distance: 95km, altitude: 877m.

Anouk fancied a different stop, and Google came to the rescue. Turns out you can have coffee/cake/lunch in a YURT! Anouk made the route, I made one edit and managed to add a bit of my signature shitty gravel road to the route. I just love CX.

It’s a YURT!

The stop is early on in the ride, so ideal for breakfast! Or a late start, with early lunch.

Chilterns 110 [reverse]

Distance: 111km, 934m.

This route is the reverse (how did you guess) of Chilterns 110. I wanted to ride the original route in the winter, but as my winter bike (CX bike with road tyres) didn’t have the gearing to do steep climbs, I decided to go the other way round. I refer to this alternative as “the easy way round”.

Chilterns 110

Distance: 111km, altitude: 933m

Credit for this route should go to Matt Wicks. If I remember correctly this route was born out of a discussion amongst volunteers for the traffic count on Aston Hill (required to be able to host the Condors’ hill climb here). Cycling out to Aston Hill, and posting on Strava would lift the cloud of mystery surrounded the new location of the hill climb. Cycling out, and not posting on Strava is of course a big no-no, so a route was born taking in all of the best climbs in the Chilterns.

Oxford to Covent Garden (central London)

Distance: 102km, altitude: 752m.

My commute to work. Lovely ride to London, taking in Aston Hill as you cross the Chilterns. This route follows the Great Union Canal path for about 12km up to Paddington, cutting out a lot of the traffic in the capital. This tow path is great, and relatively quiet, but not the smoothest surface in the world. Don’t ride with 100+psi.